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This section is devoted to human communication as it relates to the Ski-Bike universe. It can include: Newspaper and magazine articles, personal stories, correspondence, editorials, reviews etc.

The Skibike as an adaptive device for the handicapped
Colo Ski Country USA
5280 Magazine
Horizon Air Magazine
Kansas City Star
Miami Herald
Steamboat Pilot
USA Retrospective: An overview of the first incarnation of ski-biking in America
Skibiking and the helmet
My 1st Ski-Bike Resort Experience ___________________________________________________
Personal Stories
The Bonang’s
Jeff Butcher
Fred Petersen
Henry Wuga - Still riding at 80!
Lorenz Ertl - Skibob pioneer
Sharon Shinwell (UK)
Joan Mansfield - 70's Skibob Racer
Slope Tests
Boomerang Mono-Bike (2018)
The Soft Boot Ride >Using Snowboard Bindings
Custom SkiBikes
Media Quotes
World Ski-Bike speed record broken...
USA Retro: The bikes of the 60's & 70's
Unusual Snow-Toys
SkiBike Slang
• Memorabilia Collections:  #1    #2
The A.S.I.A Handbook of Skibobbing
The S.A.G.B Skibike Instruction Manual
Stalmach  Academy - Riding lessons from World Champion Jacek Stalmach
Event Reviews
Report: 1971 World Championship (USA)
Report: 2002 Ski-Bike Rally
Report: The 2003 SkiBike America Festival
Report: The 2004 SkiBike America Festival
Report: The 2005 Purgatory SkiBike Festival
Report: The 2006 Purgatory Int'l SkiBike Festival
Report: The 2007 Purgatory Int'l SkiBike Festival
Report: The 2008 Purgatory Int'l SkiBike Festival
Report: 2007 Sipapu SkiBike Rally
Pictorial: 2004 Arapahoe Basin "Meet"
Pictorial: 2005 Arapahoe Basin "Meet"
Pictorial: 2006 Arapahoe Basin "Meet"
Pictorial: 2007 Arapahoe Basin "Meet" - [Includes A-Basin "Enduro" info]
Off-Site Links
Skibike related material on global websites...

Billings Gazette: Adaptive Bike Design
Colorado Springs Gazette- (2015)
Inverse- (2020)
SGB Media- (2017)
Article: History of Canadian Skibikes
Video: Arapahoe Basin (CO) Enduro - (2011)

Skibike Magazine was the founded by Randy Kimball (of skibikefun.com fame) and operated by editor Juan Aranda as a public service for two years. The magazine was first distributed at the Skibike Festival 2004 with eight stories. For the next two years, Juan published a new story every week during ski season, with lots of visitors from around the world. But the stories ran out when the skibike industry went into a downturn and several manufacturers left the scene. Juan and Randy reluctantly pulled the plug on the magazine to wait for a time when the industry is stronger and the public’s interest is more wide-spread. Until the stories flow again, please enjoy the Skibike Magazine archives. Accept no substitutes!! –The Original SkiBikeMag Staff”


Article: An Adventure to Remember

Interview: Roy Meiworm



Ski Tuning